A New Name and a New Convergent Services Offer

2016 will be remembered as the year of two closely-related major changes: the company rebrand and the launch of Orange Internet + TV. Summary of a neatly-executed transformation operation.

Three Months' Intensive Implementation

The official decision was made on 4 February 2016 and the change of company name from Mobistar to Orange Belgium was formalised on 10 May. A celebration to mark the event was held with some 9000 guests. This translated into 3 months of intensive implementation operations with wide-ranging ramifications, as the facts and figures below indicate.

Some 800 people, including 120 brand ambassadors, contributed directly to making this rebranding exercise a success within a very short timeframe and timed to coincide with the rollout of Orange’s convergent fixed-mobile offer in March.

A New Lease of Life

This huge transformation operation, backed by both internal forces and Group support, lent its momentum to revitalising the teams and optimising certain areas of customer relations.

Web content for instance has been overhauled. This cleanup exercise, covering over 1200 webpages, quickly paid dividends: there was a considerable increase in site visits, particularly for business customers, whose traffic doubled.

31% of website visitors interested in Orange services are now accessing the website via their smartphone, as compared with only 9% before the brand changeover.

Within a fortnight of the rebranding, the number of Google searches using the keyword “Orange” exceeded the number of searches for “Mobistar”.

New Services

Sales outlets have of course been revamped. In addition to the change of colour scheme, the new Orange Internet + TV services are now being promoted instore, as well as various connected objects and other innovations (for example the Orange VR virtual reality headset). New services are also being offered, for example the Orange shop secure customer phone-charging service.

Why the move to Orange?

  • to mark the transition to a new era of convergence, with the launch of Orange’s fixed Internet and TV offering
  • to capitalise on the visibility of an international brand with a reputation for quality
  • to promote access to innovation
  • to increase economic efficiency, creating cost synergies with Orange group products

Facts and Figures about the Changeover

  • 120 in-house ambassadors were trained to help with the handover and keep the process positive
  • Over 9000 communication points affected (letters, contracts, email, sales outlet equipment, etc.)
  • 180 Orange Centers and “shop-in-shops” have been revamped
  • 1200 webpages redesigned
  • 10,000 customer information text messages were updated
  • 9400 source code components were verified or amended
  • 30,000 m2 of shop space redecorated with new colours and branding
  • 2,400 employees and partners were involved in the changeover