Orange : The name to trust for connectivity

Orange is one of the major telecom market actors in Belgium and in Luxemburg

Orange proposes prepaid and subscription mobile offers as well as innovative mobile telecommunication services to its residential customers. Recently, Orange has become a convergent operator and also proposes a TV and Internet offer via cable network in Belgium.

On the corporate market, Orange provides offers for landline telephony and broadband Internet. Positioned as an integrated communications operator, Orange proposes a portfolio of connectivity and mobility services. Orange is also a wholesale operator and provides its partners with access to its infrastructure and service capabilities.

Orange has over 3 million customers in Belgium and Luxembourg and operates a top-quality mobile network, with on-going investment and offers 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

Orange Belgium, of which the Orange Group is the largest shareholder, is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

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1241,6 Mio€
6 Mio
connected SIM cards
3G/4G network

Orange focuses on its core business, connectivity, and strives towards the best possible customer experience in this regard.

Our network

Orange is continually investing in its premium quality mobile network, offering 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

Our strategic priorities


Lead the mobile market


Be the n°1 challenger for convergent services


Offer the best customer experience


Manage operating costs as efficiently as possible


Improve staff commitment

Partnerships Wholesale

To increase its mobile telephony market share, Orange decided to conclude partnership agreements with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO´s) and other players interested in launching mobile telephony services.

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