Our philanthropic engagement

The Orange Foundation is present in Belgium via the Orange Belgium Fund, which is managed by the  King Baudouin Foundation.

For over 30 years the mission of the Orange Foundation has been to make digital a factor facilitating equality of opportunity.
In Belgium, we are delighted to have created the Orange Belgium Fund in order to support projects that promote solidarity and responsibility.

This philanthropic engagement is designed to provide concrete assistance to associations on the ground that are active in digital inclusion.
Today, 9 out of 10 Belgians have an internet connection at home. But there exist substantial inequalities in terms of the hardware used, how it is utilised and under what conditions.

We are convinced that, as an actor in the telecommunications sector, we have a vital role to play in giving everyone access to the possibilities offered by the new technologies and making digital a factor to facilitate equality of opportunity.
First and foremost we wish to help people that are otherwise excluded from digital, especially young persons in precarious situations and women.
With our technologies and resources, we are advancing step by step towards greater digital inclusion.