08/10/21 10:32

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Belgium second European country to introduce Orange Money after France, to facilitate national and international money transfers

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Thanks to a totally free mobile application, customers can now have a mobile wallet and instantly send money to Orange Money users in Belgium or Africa. Moreover, the service is open to every customer, regardless of their telecom operator. The service, launched for the first time in a European country besides France, allows Orange Belgium to further expand the large scope of services it is offering and is a great complement to the special offers dedicated to Belgian diasporas it already launched.

As from today, Belgian customers have access to the innovative financial services of Orange Money, supported by the Orange Group, and that offer every mobile user, regardless of their telecom operator, the option of having a mobile wallet backed by their phone number. The solution allows mobile phone users to safely transfer money to other customers, especially abroad, but also to pay for phone recharges remotely or withdraw money from their Orange Money wallets at points of sale in Africa.

The process is completely secured, protects the privacy of its users and respects the applicable regulations in matter of money transfers.

The importance of mobile money, for the economy and the user

Mobile money is a key economic element for customers in many foreign countries, especially in Africa, as it allows them to have access to financial services while few of them actually have a bank account. It is therefore a major tool for digital and economic inclusion.

By launching in Belgium, Orange Money will allow Belgian customers to easily and instantly send money to their relatives in foreign countries at competitive prices, thanks to an effort on exchange rates, among others, while the current costly alternatives (regular bank transfers, historical players in the field of money transfers) often need several days to complete operations.

Financial inclusion across borders

Belgium is the first deployment after France and Orange Money will be progressively deployed in other European countries in the coming months as an OTT application to support diasporas’ needs of secure and immediate transfers to their family.

Orange Money is a new step towards addressing Belgian diasporas’ needs, and an excellent complement to previous offers launched by Orange Belgium for cheaper communications with the Democratic Republic of Congo (€5 for 30 min) and Morocco (€9 for 120 min).

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium: “The launch of Orange Money is a great example of how our role as a telecom operator exceeds connectivity and allows us to provide innovative services which create value, ease the life of our customers but also help support financial inclusion. Even more in the case of Orange Money, as it is also open to non-Orange customers, and can help them learn about the quality of the services we offer.”

A successful service launched by the Orange Group

Launched in 2008 by the Orange Group, the Orange Money mobile money solution allows millions of people excluded from the banking system to be able to deposit, withdraw, transfer and make payments easily and simply from their mobile phone, with complete security. Thirteen years since its launch, Orange Money continues to record exponential growth. The service is now available with 17 partners in 15 countries. More than 60 million customers trust this solution and the amount of transactions carried out through Orange Money reached 4 billion euros in 2020.

More details can be found at the following address:

Also note that Orange Money offers free shipping costs for the first transfer.