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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike play exclusive gig for Willebroek residents and Orange customers only

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Belgian DJs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike are hugely popular, with gigs from South Korea to Canada. Although the Thivaios brothers now travel the world, Willebroek is still their true home. On Friday, 1 September 2017, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike will treat the residents of Willebroek to an exclusive DJ set. The gig is aptly called "HOMECOMING" and is staged to thank their earliest fans. Orange also wants to say a big thank you to its loyal customers and has therefore requested Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike to repeat their show on Saturday, 2 September 2017 exclusively for 6,000 Orange customers.

1 September – HOMECOMING in Willebroek

In October 2015, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were voted the best DJs in the world by prestigious DJ Mag Top 100. It was the result of years of hard work on their way to the top. Now that they have reached the top, the brothers are praised all over the world, but Belgium and Willebroek in particular still have a special place in their hearts. That is why Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were happy to set aside some time in their busy schedule to treat the residents of Willebroek to an exclusive gig on Friday, 1 September 2017.

Mayor Eddy Bevers: “Homecoming is all about Willebroek for Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. They are our two most notable residents and they have been cultural ambassadors for Willebroek since 2015. Although they are now famous DJ gods all over the world, they will always be Dimitri and Michael Thivaios to many residents of Willebroek. This exclusive gig for our residents has made us like them even more than we already did.”

2 September – Orange says thank you to its customers

This gig is part of the ‘Orange Thank You’ loyalty programme, which frequently surprises customers with all sorts of gifts, such as extra mobile data, music, books, cinema tickets and exclusive events. In the past, there have been exclusive performances by Lady Gaga, Mika, Stan Van Samang, GOOSE and Hooverphonic for Orange customers only.

Cristina Zanchi, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium, responds: “The Orange Thank You Programme is our way of thanking our customers for their loyalty. We don’t do complicated savings or points programmes. Simply being an Orange customer is enough to receive our regular treats. These little delights go to every new customer right from the start. We are very pleased with this collaboration and we look forward to seeing our customers experience this incredible show.”

Dimitri Vegas: "This gig is a gift to our hometown, the place where we grew up and where our parents still live. It is going to be mind-blowing to see so many familiar faces in the audience and to see 6.000 Orange customers go wild. "


Residents of Willebroek can pre-register for the HOMECOMING gig on 1 September from 7 August at 7pm by following this link: www.homecomingdvlm.be. The following day, on 2 September, 6,000 customers of sponsor Orange will be treated to a DJ set by the duo. All resident Orange customers can participate in the competition on www.orangethankyou.be  from today.

Dimitri and Mike will first be performing at numerous events in this country and elsewhere this summer. Their schedule includes an ambitious international tour with shows in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Europe and Asia as well as a wide range of festivals. People who were able to get tickets to Tomorrowland already had the opportunity to admire the DJ duo on the main stage last weekend. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike spend their Tuesdays on Ibiza, the Spanish island they call their 'second home'. If you want to see them at work on the island, go to the ‘Garden of Madness’ at the popular Ushuaia club in collaboration with Tomorrowland. In December, they will also be staging four breathtaking shows at the Antwerp Sportpaleis. Tickets to Bringing the Madness: Reflections will go on sale from 5 September.