19/11/21 14:00

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GO Unlimited becomes GO Extreme and offers 60GB per month

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As from 22nd November, Orange Belgium’s most abundant mobile subscription becomes Go Extreme and offers double more data, going from 30 to 60GB per month, with no additional cost.

Orange Belgium was the first operator to introduce a fully “unlimited” mobile subscription on the Belgian market, as early as 2018, offering unlimited calls, SMS and mobile data. A fair usage policy was set, allowing customers to still enjoy mobile internet after the fair use limit was exceeded, but at a lower speed.

Unlimited referred to the peace of mind when enjoying mobile internet.

To better fit the evolving needs of the customers Orange Belgium decided to focus on what matters most for them: data abundance. The name of the former “Go Unlimited” is therefore adapted to Go Extreme, and Orange Belgium doubles the data available, to reach 60GB per month.

To be noted: after reaching the 60GB limit, customers will remain able to use mobile internet at a reduced speed, which still allows most usages.

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium: “With Go Extreme and its huge data cap, never seen before on the Belgian market, we confirm our leadership and make sure that customers can really enjoy data abundance, for the same price. All current customers will automatically benefit from this new data volume, and they’ll remain able to get additional discounts when bundling this subscription in a convergent pack.”