04/08/23 11:15

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To meet its customer experience excellence ambition, Orange Belgium’s digital b-brand hey! creates even more value for its customers by doubling its mobile data

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In the light of Orange Belgium’s "Lead the Future" strategy, defined by a Customer Experience Excellence in different complementary retail segments, the telecom operator continues to develop and improve its value propositions. With its b-brand hey!, Orange Belgium is focusing on an efficient digital servicing with appealing and evolutive offers. hey! customers receive double the amount of mobile data to enjoy their digital life even more. This increase will be immediately available for existing and new hey! clients at no additional costs.

Even more data at the same price

Since its launch in September 2021, hey! Is answering the needs of digital savvy-customers by being a 100% digital brand based on generosity and a strong evolving commitment to its customers. Hey! Is aimed at those who love efficiency, getting things done in a few clicks, and the simplicity of a digital experience.

One of the brand’s main USP’s is the hey! boost loyalty program: every 3 months of the first subscription year, customers get a 25% increase in their data, resulting in a doubling of the available data after one year. Hey! increases this already generous offer and surprises its customers by doubling the data volumes. Customers can now choose from three subscription formulas: 2 GB (7 euros/month and 5 euros/month for the ones under 26 years), 20 GB (15 euros/month and 10 euros for the ones under 26 years) or 80 GB (25 euros/month and 20 euros for the ones under 26 years). Thanks to the hey! boost, these data volumes will increase to 4 GB, 40 GB and 160 GB after one year.

This change in the operator’s offers is also applied automatically to existing customers’ subscriptions without impacting the price. This means that if, for instance, customers have an ‘older’ 1 GB subscription, this will be upgraded to 2 GB. Their hey! boost will also be updated accordingly.

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium states: “hey! is clearly what we can call a next generation brand as it empowers our digital-savvy customers and organically evolves following their constant feedbacks, to always offer them the best fitting service, price and offers. That’s why we took advantage of hey!’s agile business model to double the data for all our customers.”

More info on heytelecom.be