12/07/22 13:58

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The Orange 5G Demo Tour kicks off at the coast allowing customers to experience the power of 5G via the video game Sea of Thieves

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Orange Belgium is kicking off the VRT Summer Tour 2022 with an exciting 5G demo tour focused on the game Sea of Thieves to celebrate the roll-out of its 5G network in Belgium. The Orange 5G Demo Trailer is inviting everyone to find out more about the possibilities of 5G. Starting at De Panne, the trailer will stop in different cities along the Belgian coast over the summer and welcome people for fun activities, 5G demos, tech information and prizes to win.

To give a demonstration of the many possibilities of a strong, stable, reliable and fast 5G that will also increase the capacity of the existing 4G network, Orange Belgium created the mobile, self-standing Orange 5G Demo Trailer to allow everyone to experiment on the latest generation of telecommunication technology. Guests will be able to learn about 5G, ask questions about the technology, play a game to discover how this technology changes the gaming experience in various ways.

Programme and locations:

  • 11/07 – 20/07: De Panne, Zeedijk, Statue King Leopold I,
  • 26/07 – 8/08: Bredene, Duinenplein
  • 9/08 – 20/08: Blankenberge, Haven, Franchommelaan


Weigh anchor and discover Orange’s 5G network

For the VRT Summer Tour 2022 on the Belgian coast, Orange Belgium has prepared celebrations in a pirate-themed environment to experience cloud-gaming via 5G. Visitors will have a chance to try demos and play games in order to learn more about what 5G has to offer. The action-adventure Sea of Thieves sees players explore an open world in first-person perspective. They will take on the role of a pirate sailing the oceans to become a legend. A demo of the game hosted in the cloud and supported by 5G will be available for everyone to play on-site. From remote servers to stream on mobile devices, such installations are now able to run seamlessly thanks to the new generation of network.

In addition to gaming demos, visitors will also be invited to participate in competitions and fun activities. They will have a chance to spin a pirate-themed wheel to win prizes, which include gaming devices, branded items, or personal pirate names. Guests will also be welcomed at the information desk to find out more about 5G specifications and capacities, as well as options available from Orange Belgium.

Using the coverage map of Belgium at the following link, anyone can interactively track in which places Orange is currently offering network coverage for the 5G data network: https://www.orange.be/fr/options-et-services/carte-de-couverture

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Business Officer at Orange Belgium, comments: “A new-generation, cutting-edge network is opening its arms to all mobile users. Our current and future customers will have the chance to enhance their usage of data with faster, even more viable and better-quality signals. We are delighted to further roll-out our 5G technology and make it accessible to everyone. Starting from the coast, we will be gradually extending our installations throughout the summer to offer 5G coverage for more and more customers. In the meantime, we’re delighted to have a chance to meet them and offer them everything they need to learn about the possibilities of 5G. So I encourage everyone this summer to visit our Orange 5G Demo Trailer to experience some cloud gaming. We are convinced our initiative will enable people discover this new technology. It’s time to get 5G-ready.