05/04/22 09:01

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Orange Belgium adapts its prices, upgrades the data volume of all its mobile subscriptions and extends the multi card reductions

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In order to absorb the impact of rapidly increasing costs linked to the economic context, Orange Belgium will adapt several prices as from 1st June. As a next-generation operator, always promising to follow and anticipate its customers’ needs, Orange Belgium also improves the content of its offers and announces it will upgrade the data cap of all its Go mobile subscriptions, with increases ranging from 0.5 to 10 GB, also extending its multi card reductions.

Considering the current economic context, marked by unseen levels of inflation, with energy, technological equipment prices but also salary costs rapidly growing and impacting the cost structure of Orange Belgium and its suppliers and partners, the operator has to adapt several prices, in order to maintain Orange’s quality of services and level of investment.

More for More

However, to better fit its customers’ needs, as from 1st June, these adaptations will concur with a significant evolution of the Go portfolio, as all the tariff plans will indeed be adapted, following a “more for more” logic as Orange Belgium is offering its customers an increasingly large scope of services and content, while building its multi-gigabit networks. The data cap of every tariff plan will be increased with, for instance, the Go Extreme offering 10 GB additional data, thus 70 GB in total per month (all details via the link below).

Advantage for multi card and Love

At the same time, many customers are interested in all-in-1 bundles for their telecom products but fear these come with higher prices and unnecessary options. Not with Orange Belgium: as from 1st June, multi card customers (as from 2 Go Intense and/or Go Extreme cards) and Love customers (who have a fixed Internet subscription) will receive an additional € 1 discount on their mobile subscriptions. This means an advantage of up to € 10 per card per month, on a permanent basis. For bundled offers, most customers will therefore get more for the same price.

Increased data volumes with hey!

For digital savvy customers looking for simple, sharp-priced mobile subscriptions with data abundance, Orange Belgium’s fully digital brand hey!, which prices do not change, is also an extremely competitive offer. Thanks to its loyalty program, the brand indeed offers a steady increase of the data volume to its customers - +25 % every 3months until 100 % after a year – meaning a customer opting for its most abundant offer will, after one year, only pay 25 euros for unlimited calls, SMS and 80 GB per month.

All the changes in the content and prices of Orange Belgium’s offers:

NL : www.orange.be/nl/nieuwe-prijzen

FR : www.orange.be/fr/nouveaux-prix

The tariff plans for business customers are indexed according to the general sales conditions.

All residential and business customers who will see a change in their tariff plan will be informed in the coming days and weeks.