08/06/18 10:29

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Orange Belgium improves customer experience with launch of Voice over WiFi and Voice over 4G technologies, available as from today

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Orange Belgium is continuously investing to offer its residential and business customers a unique experience. Orange is the first provider to activate both Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) and Voice over 4G (VoLTE) technologies as from today. These will improve the voice experience with crystal-clear sound, extended coverage and a much faster connection time. Wherever they are, Orange customers can now enjoy the best technology available to make high-quality voice calls on Orange’s WiFi, 2G, 3G or 4G networks.

By adding VoWiFi and VoLTE technologies to its network, Orange ensures voice service continuity as it increases its network coverage and usage options. Moreover, Orange is the first operator in Belgium to launch both VoWiFi and VoLTE today, and the only operator offering high-definition voice calling on all technologies (2G/3G/4G/VoWiFi) now.

VoWiFi allows crystal-clear voice calls when there is no cellular network available

Half of all calls made today are made indoors, and customers are expect to make calls whenever and wherever they want. Problems with indoor calling are a major cause of customer dissatisfaction. VoWiFi is the answer. It allows customers to call even if there is no cellular network available. To enjoy a VoWiFi call, the customer needs a mobile post-paid subscription with Orange, a compatible device, a good WiFi connection and VoWiFi technology enabled on his or her smartphone. The customer will then be able to make crystal-clear voice calls not only at home but also from public areas with a WiFi connection, in the basement, on the train…

For greater comfort and speed, VoLTE allows voice calls directly on the 4G network

In addition to VoWiFi technology, VoLTE offers an extra way to make calls in high definition, and the call set-up takes just 2 seconds (compared with up to 10 seconds over a 2G or 3G network). Customers calling on Orange’s 4G network will be free to multitask during their call, surfing the Net or downloading at 4G speed. To make a call over Orange’s 4G network, the customer needs a mobile post-paid subscription with Orange, a compatible device, 4G coverage and activated VoLTE technology.

Orange customers with a Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge device will be the first in Belgium to enjoy both technologies. The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ and Galaxy S9/S9+ will follow very soon. Customers with an iPhone (5S or more recent models) will benefit from VoWiFi first, with VoLTE to follow soon. Orange is also working closely with Huawei and other phone-makers to activate both technologies in the near future.

Residential and business customers can find information on how to activate the technology in the Settings menu of their smartphone. Orange customers with a Samsung device should go to Phone -> Call Settings -> Wi-Fi calling and switch it ON. Orange customers with an iPhone can go to Settings -> Mobile Data -> WiFi Calling and switch ‘WiFi Calling on This iPhone’ ON. It is only possible to activate WiFi calling if the device has had the latest upgrade.

Voice over WiFi and Voice over 4G calls will be invoiced as normal voice calls.

Orange continues to invest in network quality and coverage to optimize customers’ experience

Cristina Zanchi, Chief Consumer Officer, says: “One of the main frustrations of consumers is the difficulty they sometimes encounter when trying to make a phone call in an environment with a poor connection. By making VoWiFi and VoLTE available on our network, they can enjoy their voice calls again, free to call anytime and anywhere they want with complete peace of mind. No need to install an app, no additional costs. Their smartphone will make sure the best connection available is used. As we want to guarantee our customers can benefit from the best quality network at a fair price, we will continue to invest in our network.”

This technological innovation is part of Orange’s strategy that focuses on improving its network quality, and coverage inside buildings. Today, more than 99.7% of the Belgian population has access to Orange's 4G network, recognized as one of the country’s best mobile networks by several external bodies: the coverage maps of telecom regulator BIPT and the recent BeCover+ findings by a well-known consumer testing organization in Belgium recognize the first-class quality of Orange’s 4G network.

More info on www.orange.be/nl/bellenviawifi and www.orange.be/fr/appelswifi