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Orange Belgium launches new mobile portfolio: GO, introducing the first mobile family offer in Belgium

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Orange Belgium confirms once again its bold challenger positioning by increasing mobile data and introducing unseen family discounts in Belgium

Today Orange Belgium announces a new mobile data increase in its mobile offers to further support the evolution of consumer usages. The result is a completely revamped mobile portfolio, named GO. This simplified GO portfolio consists of no more than 4 mobile subscriptions at a competitive price point and offering even more abundant mobile data. Orange GO is extra interesting for families, with unseen family discounts, without having to share a collective data bundle.

Focus on data, data, data…

Since the beginning of 2018, the usage of mobile data by Orange Belgium customers have been multiplied by 2,5 to reach 4,5GB/month at the end of 2019 thanks to the launch of Orange’s unlimited offers and growing digital usage such as video streaming, gaming, and social networks. And this growth is not meant to stop in the near future. Therefore Orange Belgium increased the mobile data volumes of its new mobile portfolio GO. It is designed to let the customer shape the offer around its individual or family needs. Orange customers are on the driving seat with the right amount of choice.

From the old animal subscriptions to the new GO subscriptions, some examples:

  • Orange customers with a Koala subscription now receive 4GB for €20/month. Opting for the new GO Plus subscription means 1GB extra => 5GB of mobile data for the same price of €20/month.
  • Orange customers with an Eagle subscription now receive an unlimited amount of mobile data, with 20GB at full speed for €40/month. With the new GO Unlimited subscription they continue to benefit from unlimited data, but with 30GB at full speed, for the same price of €40/month.

These upgrades complement the very recent data increase of the Cheetah subscription from 8GB to 15GB for the same price of €30/month. This unchanged offer now becomes GO Intense.

These evolutions are fully consistent with Orange Belgium promise to increase data, not prices.

Focus on data, data, data… for every family member

With GO, Orange Belgium proudly introduces the first mobile family offer in Belgium, with attractive family discounts as of GO Intense. In addition, each member of the family shapes its personal bundle around its individual data needs: no one-size-fits-all solution and no shared data package.

Family discounts, some examples:

  • A family with 2 Koala subscriptions today benefits from 4GB of mobile data each (+ unlimited calls & SMS) for 2x €20/month. For the same price, they can now get 2 GO Plus with 5GB each. Thanks to the GO family discount, they can even get 2 GO Intense with 15GB each for only €1 extra per subscription!
  • A family with 2 Cheetah subscriptions today benefits from 15GB of mobile data each (+ unlimited calls & SMS) for 2x €30/month. Thanks to the GO family discount, they can save immediately €18/month for the same data bundles (2 GO Intense with 15 GB each for 2x€21/month). Alternatively, they can upgrade to unlimited for only €1 extra per subscription (2 GO Unlimited for 2x€31/month)
  • A family with 2 Eagle subscriptions today benefits from unlimited data each for 2x€40/month. Thanks to the GO family discount, they can save immediately €18/month for the same data bundles (2 GO Unlimited for 2x€31/month)!

Focus on data, data, data… for Love

GO in combination with Love also gives extra advantages, for example:

  • A GO Intense mobile subscription (€30/month) in combination with Love Duo (€34/month) gives the customer fully unlimited fixed internet, 15GB of mobile data + unlimited calls & SMS for only €55/month instead of €64/month.

Breaking telco conventions since 2017

In 2017, Orange Belgium launched its broadband internet and TV offer Love, which price never increased, and quickly became the best value for money convergent offer (broadband, TV, mobile) that challenged the expensive bundles from the duopoly on the fixed market.

In 2018 Orange Belgium launched the first Belgian unlimited mobile data subscription, setting a new market standard.

In 2019 Orange Belgium launched Love Duo: the long awaited mobile + fixed internet offer, without television allowing customers to pay only for what they need.

With the launch of GO, Orange Belgium breaks another telco convention with the first mobile family offer and increased data bundles for all.

How to get the GO offers

Orange customers as well as new customers willing to benefit from these upgraded offers can easily do so on www.orange.be, by calling 0800 177 35, by visiting an Orange shop (as of the 10th of March), or simply on their MyOrange app (available in the coming days).

Orange customers can keep their existing ‘animal’ offers, however, those ‘animal’ offers will not be commercialized anymore.

Michaël Trabbia, CEO of Orange Belgium, comments: “At Orange Belgium, breaking telco conventions is in our DNA. We said “no” to price increases, we set new market standards in Belgium with our unlimited offers, and with Love Duo we allowed our customers to pay only for the services they need. With our new GO portfolio, we now proudly introduce the first mobile family offer in Belgium, together with increased data bundles and improved Love offers.”

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium, adds: “Orange customers are used to choose and pay for exactly what they need. And this doesn’t change with GO. On the contrary, the generous volumes of mobile data meet the increasing need for unlimited connectivity for everyone, with additional benefits for families as everybody enjoys its own data volume, no need to share, just enjoy. Thanks to our GO family discounts, each member of the family can either do big savings or get much more data for only €1 extra. Moreover, our prices don’t increase after 3 or 6 months; we keep it attractive and simple, as from the beginning.”

More info on www.orange.be