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Orange Belgium officially launches its cybersecurity app Orange Phone in Belgium, with anti-spam protection and call identification to help customers against cyberattacks

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Orange Belgium announced the official Belgian launch of Orange Phone, a free anti-spam protection and call identification application available on iOS and Android. With cybercrime on the rise and phishing attacks becoming more advanced, Orange Belgium commits itself to making digital empowerment accessible to all Belgians via its new assistance app. Continuing to support its customers with cybersecurity, Orange Belgium also organises trainings and workshops at the Orange Digital Center and will host a new webinar on March 7th and 9th, in collaboration with cybersecurity experts in Belgium.

Orange Phone app available in Belgium

With the official Belgian launch of Orange Phone and related educative initiatives, Orange Belgium wishes to support its customers against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. Thanks to its app’s key features, such as anti-spam protection, reverse directory, verified caller, and an emergency button for all countries, the operator wants its users to operate safely in the digital world.

Cyberattacks on the rise

In 2022 alone, 10,974 cybercrimes were registered in Belgium, including 4,505 cases of phishing. In addition, cybersecurity was established as one of the top five global risks during the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos. Orange Belgium wants its customers to benefit from all the digital possibilities in an informed and reassured way.

With 8.6 million spam calls detected worldwide in 2021 and more than 528 user reports of unknown numbers via the app, Orange Belgium wants to expand its advantages to its Belgian customer base. Orange Phone assists users to easily identify unwanted contacts. Thanks to anti-spam protection, they can detect, report, and block unwanted numbers. Their reports and reviews are shared with the community to improve cybersecurity on a large scale. The reverse directory allows searching for an unknown number directly from the call history. The feature gives immediate feedback about who is calling.

Orange Phone also provides easy access to all emergency numbers, regardless of what country the user is calling, making it easy to notify authorities immediately in case of an emergency. With the feature of verified caller, customers can experience the benefits of receiving verified numbers while companies can increase the efficiency of outgoing calls.

Other features also include “do not disturb” mode, call reminders, dual SIM experience, visual voicemail and a notification of additional costs of a call with premium numbers.

Orange Phone is now available for download on iOS and Android.

More guidance via WeTechCare trainings and webinar

Education is key in the battle against cyberattacks and hacking. Thus, Orange Belgium invests in tools, training, and other educational initiatives to offer more help to customers. For this purpose, training and courses are readily available at the Orange Digital Center.

Continuing to empower its customers, Orange Belgium will host a webinar on March 7th and 9th to educate guests on how to deal with cyberattacks and scams. Key topics will be addressed during the session, such as phishing & smishing, anti-virus, network & legal obligations and solutions. The webinar is set up in collaboration with various Belgian experts in cybersecurity.

On this occasion, Orange Belgium also launched a major awareness campaign on TV and online that will run from January 30th to February 19th, 2023.With this initiative, Orange reinforces its position as a trusted partner on this subject.

Isabelle Vanden Eede, Chief Brand, Communication & CSR at Orange Belgium explains: “Cyberattacks are more likely to be here to stay, unfortunately. As cybercrime is increasing, the tools and methods to deceive people are becoming more sophisticated. Thus, anyone could be a victim of cybercrime nowadays. That is why we think it is immensely essential to make digital empowerment accessible to everyone as much as possible. With the launch of Orange Phone in our country, we offer our customers the opportunity to maximise their protection. Thanks to our trainings, our important awareness campaign, and new webinars in March, we want to make Belgians feel that they have all the defence needed and are informed about how to be prepared against cyberattacks.

More information about Orange Belgium cybersecurity webinar  

  • Date and time: March 7th and 9th, from 10:30 am to 11:30am
  • Open to the public - Register here:
  • In the presence of Belgian cybersecurity experts