29/09/23 14:01

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Orange Belgium signs partnership with cyan AG and SAM to launch a 360° mobile network security solution

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Living up to its customer experience excellence, Orange Belgium is partnering up with leading IT security company cyan AG to launch a cybersecurity solution for mobile network and end-point protection. Together with leading security and intelligence provider SAM Seamless Network, a fixed network protection will be added so that retail and small independent business customers can benefit from one single security solution.

An ’Orange Belgium voice’ survey[1] conducted by GfK in May 2021 revealed that nearly half of the respondents are afraid of falling victim to cyberattacks. Their fears are mostly tied to the misuse of personal data and attacks with financial consequences. The majority of Orange Belgium voicers do use antivirus protection or firewalls, although this applies mainly to laptops and desktops. 1 in 3 say they do not use specific software to secure their smartphone or other devices. Respondents also indicated that they would definitely put their trust in a clear, simple and complete network security pack offered by the telecom operator.

Ultimate peace of mind for the retail and independent customer

For Orange Belgium, being a multigigabit networks leader asks for secure and trusted solutions. Firstly, the operator uses a state-of-the-art platform that protects the network infrastructure and customer access from DDoS attacks[2], blocking more than 50 such attacks per week. Secondly, all Orange Belgium’s clients’ web traffic is filtered by the Belgium Anti-Phishing Shield solution provided by the Center for Cyber Sec Belgium (CCB) that provides a list of dangerous websites. Based on that, dangerous traffic is also blocked. On top of that, Orange Belgium is performing limited campaigns, contacting by email and then by phone, customers that are generating dangerous traffic coming from an infected device.

Together with cyan AG, already a partner of Orange since 2018 for cyber security solutions in up to 28 countries and reaching more than 260 million potential customers, Orange Belgium now plans to launch a mobile network protection solution early 2024, offering even more cyber protection and content filtering. At the same time, Orange Belgium will add end-point protection: the security package will also protect customers from cyberthreats when they connect any of their mobile devices to public wifi, use another network with data roaming, etc.

In the second half of next year, in partnership with SAM, a network security software option placed in a fixed modem will be added so that retail and professional customers may also benefit from protection at home, thus creating a 360° cybersecurity solution.

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium, says: “With the announcement of our 360° network security solution, we showcase once more that the voice of our customers is the number one priority. Together with leading providers like cyan and SAM, we will meet and exceed our customers’ expectations for an integrated, easy-to-use and trusted cybersecurity proposition, everywhere they are and for all of their connected devices.”

At cyan, we have made it our mission to enhance the connected experience online through our network-integrated cybersecurity because we believe that people should not feel afraid when using the internet,” said Markus Cserna, Chief Executive and Techonoly Officer of cyan AG. “Working together with Orange and SAM Seamless Network we are providing a digital safety net for all of the customers’ devices and thereby their digitally connected lives.”

"Orange's unwavering commitment to customer centricity is evident in their recognition of the crucial role deep network visibility at the CPE-level plays in enhancing customers' security and empowering them with greater control," stated Sivan Rauscher, CEO of SAM Seamless Network. "SAM is proud to partner with Orange and cyan, seamlessly safeguarding their customers from digital threats, fostering improved digital well-being for families, and elevating the overall customer experience."

About Cyan

cyan AG (XETR: CYR) is a leading, globally active provider of intelligent cyber security solutions and platforms (BSS/OSS) for telecom companies with more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry. The company's main business areas are IT security solutions for end customers of mobile and fixed network internet providers (MNO, ISP), mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) and financial service providers. The solutions provided by cyan are integrated as white label product into the infrastructure of the business partners, who then offer them to their end customers in a B2B2C model, under their own brand.

Today the group has numerous international customers, through which cyan’s products are distributed to end customers. In the process cyan can offer a range of solutions along the entire value chain from platform, data optimization to cybersecurity. In addition, cyan operates its own research & development center with the aim of identifying industry trends at an early stage and developing optimal product solutions. Besides Orange, cyan's customers include among others Claro Chile (América Móvil Group), dtac (Telenor Group) as well as the telecom group Magenta (T-Mobile).

Further information is available at www.cyansecurity.com.

About SAM

SAM Seamless Network is the leading provider of cloud-native security and intelligence services for unmanaged networks and connected devices, covering upwards of 500 million connected devices globally. With its powerful and intuitive AI technology, SAM addresses the unique challenges of our hyperconnected world, in which an explosion of IoT devices exposes potential attack surfaces for companies and consumers alike. SAM's device-agnostic software provides deep ​network visibility to not only protect against sophisticated cyber-attacks in real-time, but also to prevent the spread of zero-day attacks. SAM's solutions have been designed to study the behavior of a single network of fragmented devices. By using its unique cloud-based device and threat intelligence, SAM identifies every connected device and creates customized protection for all home and SMB users, forming a bulletproof network. SAM's solution is proven to provide telcos with new revenue streams, reduced churn, and minimized support costs through value-added services that strengthen their market positioning and create more value for their customers. http://www.securingsam.com

[1] Orange voice is a permanent online community gathering engaged Orange customers, moderated by GfK.

[2] A DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, attack is a type of cyber-attack that attempts to make a website or network resource unavailable by flooding it with malicious traffic to prevent it from functioning.