24/02/17 10:08

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Orange Belgium is taking the next step in prepaid identification and implements an innovative identification process in 1.700 prepaid resellers

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After the successful implementation of prepaid identification in all Orange-owned shops and on the Orange website in 2016, Orange now starts the roll-out of a new identification process in 1.700 Orange prepaid card point of sales. This innovative process efficiently identifies and registers new and existing prepaid customers in a few seconds.

In order to move a step forward in the identification of its prepaid customer base, Orange has designed and is currently deploying a new  identification process using an innovative terminal manufactured by FAMOCO, a leading secure business terminals company,. The Orange prepaid card sales outlets are now able to verify and register customers’ identities in a few seconds by scanning their identity documents when purchasing an Orange prepaid card. This is an entirely reliable and secure operation, making ID verification an instantaneous process. This innovative solution saves time and raises efficiency for both customers and sales outlets.

Quick and efficient prepaid ID solution in 1.700 outlets

The authorised Orange prepaid card resellers (e.g. petrol stations, bookstores, etc.) are being equipped with terminals and offered training sessions on how to use it. Customers’ identity cards can now be easily scanned using the wireless terminal in order to provide instant verification of authenticity. Once this step is successfully completed, the SIM card is then activated.

Cristina Zanchi, Chief Consumer Officer, explains: “In order to make our customers’ and resellers’ lives easier, and in accordance with the Royal Decree of 16 December 2016, that makes customer ID mandatory when purchasing prepaid cards, we have developed a new process capable of providing a fast and efficient registration solution. We proposed a very reliable and straightforward identification solution that we are implementing across our distribution network. It allows us to quickly and efficiently identify and register our prepaid customers as the process is secure and takes only seconds to be completed. So we invite all of our prepaid customers to get registered online or drop by our shops or authorised resellers. You will not lose precious time and you are completely in line with future regulation on prepaid identification.”

“Our identification device is ideally suited to prepaid identification and customisable for all end users who need to rapidly and automatically capture data with optimal security. Our devices represent the most up-to-date terminal technology for keeping sensitive data secure and fraud is being ruled out.” Lionel Baraban, Co-Founder and CEO of FAMOCO.

Identifying a new customer only takes a few seconds

When a customer purchases an Orange prepaid SIM card or a reload, the shop manager requests an identification document. The document is scanned with help of the build-in scanner and connects with Checkdoc (the official databank of the Belgian government) to verify the validity of the ID-document. If the identity document is validated by Checkdoc, the shop manager can activate the prepaid card or the reload.

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The roll-out of this new identification process will be finished by the end of the month.

The Orange group recently announced that Orange Digital Ventures is participating in a round of fund-raising of 11 million euros in the FAMOCO company. Orange Digital Ventures identifies and supports early-stage start-ups during their initial development by taking minority interests in the share capital.