25/07/23 15:14

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Orange Belgium welcomes a new mobile virtual network operator: UNDO

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Orange Belgium and UNDO announce today that they have reached an agreement allowing UNDO’s future customers to use Orange Belgium’s leading 4G and 5G gigabit mobile network. 

Orange Belgium is proud to welcome UNDO on its mobile gigabit network. UNDO is a new Belgian mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) with the ambition of reducing the human impact on the climate. For their launch, UNDO called upon Effortel’s Mobile Virtual Network Enabler technology.

As the name UNDO suggests, the objective is to allow the user to "undo" his carbon footprint. The virtual operator will plant a tree in Congo for each new subscriber in order to offset his CO₂ emissions and contribute to the reforestation of the planet. Customers can help the climate by being conscious about their mobile phone use thanks to the carbon calculator in the UNDO app. This 100% Belgian mobile phone virtual operator will start on 25 July and will rely on Orange Belgium's state-of-the-art network.

Laurent Bataille, General Manager UNDO explains what UNDO stands for: “We aim to create a community that is aware of its choices to reduce his impact on the climate. If we hope for a better future for our living environment, it is important to create user-friendly technological tools that allow everyone to contribute in a simple and very concrete way to major challenges such as climate change. We also believe that users are more motivated to choose the more sustainable option if we offer a carbon neutral mobile subscription without incidence on the price. With UNDO we not only raise awareness of CO₂ emissions, but the user immediately sees the result of his ecological choices and we also do something about it together.”

Stéphane Le Goff, Director Wholesale & Fixed Accesses at Orange Belgium explains: “We are glad to start this new collaboration with UNDO. This new mobile virtual network operator’s unique concept and ambition are consistent with Orange Belgium’s willingness to enter a future proof ESG enterprise model and become Net Zero Carbon by 2040. Thanks to our top-performing mobile gigabit network, UNDO’s customers will benefit from advanced 4G and 5G mobile services.”


About UNDO

UNDO is a mobile operator based in Brussels and is the first provider of climate-oriented mobile telephony in Belgium. UNDO, as the name says, wants to offset your CO₂ emissions and contribute to a green planet. That is the brand promise that the UNDO team commits to every day and differentiates it from other network providers. No vague sustainability claim, but transparent proof of our daily commitment to offset your CO₂ emissions. In the UNDO app you can follow how many trees are planted and how much money is collected per project.


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