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Orange connects everyone to what’s essential to them

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Ever since its inception 20 years ago, Mobistar has continued to democratize and revolutionize the mobile market in Belgium. Mobistar, for example, was the first to introduce prepaid cards and open up a 4G network. The company recently launched an alternative TV and Internet offer over cable networks.

Today, Mobistar gives way to Orange. This change will allow the company to continue to democratize and revolutionize the telecommunications market.

The mission of Orange has always been to be an operator who connects everyone to what is essential to them and who makes everyone live a unique experience every day.

The needs and expectations of its customers have always been the starting point. Listening, then responding by producing solutions that truly meet customers’ needs. Orange wants to be a trusted actor, a useful partner in the lives of everyone, by strengthening its close relationship and focusing on what is essential to its customers.

The Orange brand strengthens the positioning of a convergent operator on both the residential, professional and business markets by offering TV, fixed and mobile services.

Orange’s ambition in Belgium is organized around four axes:

1. Propose convergent offers

2. Offer innovative mobile and fixed services

3. Deliver a unique experience to its customers

4. Act as a responsible corporate citizen


The introduction of the Orange brand on the market is accompanied by a series of novelties for its customers.

Orange Internet and TV available for everyone, everywhere

Launched in March of last year, the Internet and TV offering is now available nationwide. 98% of households can now enjoy all the benefits of the offer. In addition, from June, Households will no longer need to be Orange customers beforehand to become eligible. All Belgians located in eligible zones will be able to benefit from the Orange convergent offer and subscribe at the same time to an Orange Internet + TV and to a mobile subscription. Also in June the offer will be enriched with 6 new channels (Disney XD for instance) and an Orange TV application allowing the user to control the decoder from a smartphone or tablet.

Orange also presents a renewed offering of convergent company services: a flexible combination of mobile and fixed services for SMEs, Orange Shape & Fix, and an enhanced range of Shape Corporate & Fix Corporate services for large enterprises.

Orange innovates in terms of mobility

While Orange’s 4G network coverage now reaches 99% of the Belgian population, Orange continues to invest in its network, opening its 4G+ network on June 1st. 4G+ offers download speeds twice as fast as regular 4G. In addition, Orange is starting the groundwork for the deployment of 5G.

Smartphones have become essential in customers’ personal and professional lives and Orange is committed to enable its customers to continue using them even in the case of an accident, breakdown or empty battery. As of today, Orange broadens its "never without my smartphone" service range with Orange Buyback, which allows customers to replace their smartphone at the best market prices, Orange Insurance, to insure against theft, and Orange Powerbar, to allow them to charge the battery anywhere they like.

Orange uses the power of its 4G/4G+ network to launch a full range of 4G Wi-Fi routers that allow customers to connect to a Wi-Fi- network everywhere: at home, while mobile or in the car: Flybox, AirBox and AirBox Auto.

App Orange Radio available to all

Thanks to a partnership with Belgian start-up Radionomy, the Orange Radio app is available to everyone. The application lets you listen to over 20,000 national and international radio stations and 5,000 podcasts on your smartphone for free.

Orange Fab

Thanks to the partnership with start-up accelerator Co.Station Orange also integrates the worldwide network of Orange Fab, the accelerators of start-ups connected to the Orange group. Orange Fab is active since 2013 in 4 continents.

A unique Orange experience

No roaming fees for Orange customers, all summer long

Since April 30th, roaming fees have started disappearing in the European Union, opening up new perspectives for all travellers and border residents. Orange, however, is taking things a lot further by allowing its residential Animal subscribers to call, surf and text anywhere in Europe without additional costs between 1 June and 31 August 2016.

Professional Traveller Passes

The Traveller Pass portfolio for roaming professionals will be enriched by a Europe Traveller Pass, that includes more mobile data; and a World Traveller Pass, that can be used around the world.

Orange Thank You rewards loyalty

At Orange customers will not be asked to engage, on the contrary, Orange engages itself towards its customers and rewards them for their loyalty. The Orange Thank You programme regularly rewards customer loyalty with surprises, movie tickets and exclusive events. This Wednesday, May 11, 5,000 of Orange’s most loyal customers have been invited to attend a free exclusive Hooverphonic concert.

Orange partners up with UEFA EURO 2016TM

As an official partner of UEFA EURO 2016TM in France, Orange will invite more than 1,000 customers to attend various matches during the championship. In addition, Orange has struck an exclusive partnership deal with Kevin De Bruyne. Special actions with the football player are on the cards in preparation of the tournament.

Furthermore, the Orange brand will be adopted by all stores and websites and by the mobile app which allows customers to track their consumption, view their invoices etc. The Orange Smart Store, the first in Belgium opens today, reflects the priority Orange gives to its customers. Everything is organised according to the universe of what is essential to Orange customers: at home, at work or on the go.

The name of the network which will be displayed on mobile phone screens evolves, too, and becomes "Orange B". Depending on the phone model, this change will occur automatically over the next few days or require a restart of the device.

Orange: a responsible corporate citizen

More than ever, Orange remains a responsible corporate citizen and operator, serving all Belgians. In the past 20 years, Orange has created over 2,800 jobs and continues to create over a hundred more each year. Orange has also been a certified Top Employer since 2012. Since the start of its operations in Belgium, Orange has invested over 3.8 billion euros, 600 million of which have been poured into the network over the past 3 years. While Mobistar has presently taken on the name of its majority shareholder, the European Orange Group, the enterprise remains a Belgian company listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

As an operator, Orange is also environmentally responsible. The CO2 footprint of mobile activities is neutral: thanks to Orange, making a call, sending a text or surfing the internet does not emit any CO2 into the atmosphere.

Orange puts its skills and expertise at the service of both citizens and institutions: in Brussels, through the public / private IRISnet partnership; in Flanders, by services provided to the Flemish government; in Mons and Antwerp, by virtue of big data services which allow, for example, to enhance security at major events.

Recently and without awaiting formal legislation, Orange has taken the decision to take the lead in the identification of prepaid cards. It will also become the first operator to open a store in Molenbeek.

To mark its arrival on the Belgian market and to inform its customers, Orange launches a communication campaign on Tuesday 10 May. .