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Orange customers can now enjoy high speed mobile internet while travelling with Brussels metro thanks to Orange’s 4G network

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Thanks to continuous investments of Orange Belgium in its mobile network, Orange customers can now enjoy a continuous, fast and reliable 4G-connection in the entire Brussels metro area.

Thanks to a collaboration with the STIB-MIVB, Orange Belgium makes 4G available on all metro lines and stations. As from now, all Orange customers can benefit from a comprehensive high speed mobile internet experience. Not only when they are in the metro stations but also from within the carriages during their journey.  

Gabriel Flichy, Chief Technology Officer at Orange Belgium, reacts: “Our customers use more and more mobile data and want to be able to also use that high speed mobile data when they are travelling. By offering 4G in the whole metro of Brussels we reply to their needs when they commute or simply go shopping. They can now watch movies, listen to the radio or check their social media accounts on the go. At Orange, we invest where it counts for our customers.”

Orange deployed 67 network installations to cover the entire Brussels metro and specific investments have been made to be able to manage the 80,000 MB of mobile data used daily during peak periods.

Mobile data boosts

By the end of 2016, Orange Belgium surpassed 2 million active smartphone users. Total traffic has increased by more than 68% versus 2015 and 4G traffic represented more than 80% of total traffic in 2016.

Orange Belgium continues to invest in its mobile network with the ongoing deployment of 4G, primary to further boost the indoor coverage. Moreover, Orange upgrades more and more installations with the 4G+ technology. Thanks to this optimization Orange customers who possess a 4G+-compatible smartphone can surf up to 3x faster than when using 4G.

Orange Belgium has a 4G population coverage of 99.9% and the 4G+ coverage stands at 54.2% of the Belgian population.