28/09/16 08:00

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Orange launches new range of subscriptions: more mobile data and call allowance and unlimited SMS

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On Monday, 3rd October 2016, Orange will be launching its new range of mobile subscriptions in order to respond to changes in consumer usage and expectations. The new simplified ‘Animal’ portfolio of offers will take into account the different requirements of its customers with extra focus being given to mobile data.

The constant changes in terms of mobile devices, applications and technologies (4G and 4G+) are having a direct impact upon consumer mobile behaviour and usage. Over 60% of the Belgian population now have a smartphone and regularly use it to connect to the internet. Their mobile data consumption increased by 70% compared to last year. What’s more, consumers demand even larger amounts of mobile data, and they also long for offers that make it easier to select their ideal plan.

In order to respond to these changes, Orange introduces a new range of Animal mobile subscriptions. The offers are based upon 4 principles:

  1. Tailor-made: These are 6 simple offers to meet everyone’s varying needs; the customer has the option to change the plan as its user behaviour changes.
  2. Lots of mobile data: All of the subscriptions offer a generous mobile data allowance to enable our customers to permanently stay on-line and to make maximum use of their smartphone.
  3. Ease of use: All of the offers include unlimited SMS and a significant and even unlimited call allowance.

  4. Peace of mind: No bad surprises thanks to the various competitively priced plans and the services included.


Meeting Different Requirements

Consumers all have different needs. Orange has made a thorough study of their expectations and to introduce this new range of offers that meets all of the needs of the various user profiles.

As a result, Orange has completely reviewed and simplified its range of mobile subscriptions:

  • 6 subscriptions to suit different user requirements;

  • Impressive mobile data allowances (except on the Hummingbird (Colibri/Kolibrie) discovery offer);

  • iCoyote application included starting from the Koala subscription;

  • The most comfortable roaming package (calls, SMS, internet) on the market included in the Eagle Premium offer.

ENG 1609029 New TP offers illustration3.jpg

The following roaming-options can be added to the tariff plans:

  • Transborder (12,1€ for 250 min. roaming, 250 min. international, 250SMS, 250MB)

  • EU Traveler (24,2€ for 500 min. roaming, 500 min. international, 500SMS, 500MB)

Orange has also developed new Animal offers for the self-employed and professionals, who are also yearning for more mobile data at their fingertips. All the packages are specifically designed to better meet the requirements of professionals, and all the pricing plans include additional services. Some plans can be personalised to a certain extent to suit all the various types of professions.

Cristina Zanchi, Chief Consumer Officer at Orange stated: “We are extremely pleased to announce our new range of Animal subscriptions. These will enable us to respond to the demand for enhanced simplicity and ease of use highlighted to us by our private customers and professionals. In fact, we have significantly increased the amounts of mobile data available because users are becoming increasingly mobile, and they wish to make the most of the on-line services on their smartphone.”

Starting from 3rd October 2016, the new Orange offers will be available at all of the Orange sales outlets and on www.orange.be.