Orange Thank you, our Loyalty programme

Orange Thank You, our loyalty programme

Orange Thank You aims at creating a new, more emotional relationship with our customers and increasing their satisfaction. That reinforces the attractiveness of our brand, which is one of the priorities of our company.

At Orange, we like to reward the trust and loyalty of our customers. This programme allows residential clients (prepaid or subscribers) to receive rewards, like free call minutes, free data bundles, cinema tickets, exclusive events, and last but not least plenty of gifts from our partners! And all this is just because they’re Orange clients.

Since April 2014, the programme has given away over 2 million gifts, between cinema tickets and all kinds of other gifts.

As a committed company, we see a real utility in working with small or large enterprises, in Belgium and elsewhere, to heighten their visibility, increase their traffic, or test new products towards our Orange audience.

Do you have fun and attractive products? Can you handle large volumes with a top-tier client experience? Are you interested in building a partnership? Fill in the request form below, and we’ll try to get back to you rapidly.

(Proposed products and services)

Currently available include:
Orange Thank You gifts

  • Paper and digital press
  • paper and digital books
  • food and drinks
  • cosmetics
  • donation to a charitable association
  • VOD,
  • online classes
  • clothing
  • accessories
  • gift boxes, and many more…