Healthy screen time

Screens are everywhere: in our pants, on our wrists, on our desks and in our living rooms. It’s almost impossible not to look at a screen all day long. Or is it…?

Limiting your screen time

On average, we spend 26 years of our lives looking at a screen (that includes the 2 minutes to read this page, sorry about that). Yep. That’s a lot. In the long run, it could lead to lack of sleep or lack of time for other, more meaningful activities. To avoid becoming a total screen addict, here are a few helpful tips.

Set a good example!

Children are gaining access to screens from an increasingly earlier age. The best role model to show them what healthy screen time means, is you. It goes without saying: make sure you look up from your screen when you explain that to your children.

  • check if your device allows you to limit your screen time in its settings and if so, do give it a try
  • think about the use of your notifications – you really need them all?
  • remove all screens from your bedroom
  • in restaurant, concert hall and public places do not watch any screen
  • remove all apps that are not important
  • ask yourself what you are looking for, before using an app