Giving everything for those who have nothing

For many years, we have organised charity events for different projects. At the end of 2020, after a year marked by months of isolation, our employees mobilised en masse to put a smile back on the face of our seniors. They assembled shoeboxes and filled them with sweets, little useful or funny gifts and a personal message, for distribution in various rest homes across the country.. We also encourage them to participate in athletic events for a good cause. Many of them lace up their running shoes for Run for Parkinson
And there is also the challenge #OrangeMoves4FoodBanks to share moments of healthy competition and fun between colleagues to give to charity. The more active you are, the more donations the food banks will receive in their kitty! 229 employees thus hiked, pedalled, played, at times perspired, in order to reach the ambitious objective of EUR 10,000 in donations!

employees packing presents