Orange's involvement

We join forces with partners who, like us, support digital inclusion.

BeCode: developing the web developer profession

Orange is proud to be an active partner and founding member of BeCode. Developers don’t grow on trees in Belgium and that is why in 2016 three Belgian entrepreneurs decided to found a dedicated school for developers: BeCode. This project is a concrete result of our ambition to foster digital inclusion. Until this goal is achieved we will continue to spare no effort to support BeCode in this training project.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is totally into technology and wants to become one of Belgium’s great web developers.

Graduate in 7 months

With the help of BeCode, beginners become junior web developers in just 7 months. They then follow an internship at a company like Orange to sharpen their skills. Every year, hundreds of web developers leave the BeCode program with valuable skills and a diploma.

Link to BeCode

Tada: 2 curious classes and 10 motivated employees

Every year, on a voluntary basis, we go out and encounter young students from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds.

In collaboration with the non-profit association Tada, we hold fun and creative workshops on the topic of ICT (information and communication technologies), covering subjects ranging from networks through binary language to the evolution of mobile phones as well as apps.

During such moments of sharing, the employees try to inspire these 11 year-olds, and they always come back inspired in turn by their smiles and potential.

We are convinced of the interest of these training courses in the field, and hope to structurally reinforce this type of partnership.

Link to Tada