It will never happen to you, or so you thought.

Making calls at the wheel = risk of an accident x 3.

Texting at the wheel = risk of an accident x 23!!!

Orange wants to connect rather than separate people, so use our tips on safe travel to set a good example and avoid accidents.

I am driving. My phone handles the calls

Activate voicemail on your mobile phone before you set off. Even if you have a car kit. Stay away from your phone during your trip or have a fellow-passenger answer the call instead.

Nice message! I want to reply…

Only do so when you are not driving. Find a suitable place where you can reply with the car turned off.

On a bike? Then surely it can’t hurt?

If you are riding a motorbike or bicycle, these rules also apply. Activate your voicemail and only use your device when you are stopped.

On foot? Same thing!

Stop in a safe place and beware of any risks or dangers.