Thousands of ´CurieuzeNeuzen´ for healthier gardens and green spaces

As an exclusive connectivity partner and data provider, we are proud to be continuing our participation in CurieuzeNeuzen, which is a European first.
This is a large-scale, innovative experiment conducted in partnership with the University of Antwerp, a range of academic partners and various public entities.
Concretely, our connected sensors – developed specifically for this project – have been collecting in real time the required data on the quality & the humidity of soils, gardens, farms and green spaces belonging to both private individuals and the participating companies in Flanders. A total of 5000 sensors were installed throughout the Flemish territory.
The results obtained have generated a broad overview of the role played by the entirety of green spaces in the absorption of water. But this has also raised new questions, which is why 3,000 citizens have once again generously agreed to install an intelligent sensor in their garden for a second measurement campaign to be conducted this year from March 26th through October 1st.
Ultimately, the conclusions drawn from the study will make it possible to manage our patrimony in a targeted manner that is better adapted to the reality on the ground.
This project has been made possible thanks to cutting-edge technologies and the quality of our network coverage.
This innovative project is also a concrete expression of our environmental and societal commitment.
In addition to sharing our technology and network, we are participating in a citizen-centric approach.
All together towards a more sustainable world.

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