Net Zero Carbon by 2040

Our Orange group global commitment

To be Net Zero Carbon by 2040, we are committed to:

  • reduce our own CO2e emissions
  • reduce indirect emissions linked to our energy consumption
  • and finally, reduce emissions generated upstream by our suppliers and downstream by our customers

These three commitments correspond to scopes 1, 2 and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for which we established a roadmap validated by the SBTi (Science Based Targets Initiative), an international scientific reference for assessing the climate targets of companies.

At Orange Belgium, our ambition is to reach Net Zero by 2040. To meet this target, we are respecting a strict energy efficiency policy, increasing our renewable energy consumption and developing our circular economy.

Engage 2025 is our first landmark and short-term objectives:

  • decreasing our CO2 emissions by 22% in scope 1 & 2 compared to our 2015 emissions and by 14% in scope 3 compared to our 2018 emissions by 2025

With our new Lead The Future strategy we've defined mid-term milestone in 2030:

  • decreasing our CO2 emissions by 45% across all scopes compared to 2020

We will continue to reduce our impact to fulfil the Net Zero standard of the SBTi. Our objectives are monitored through performance indicators that demonstrate that our commitments are concrete and measurable.