Orange Belgium
Annual report 2018
Johan Deschuyffeleer
Chairman of the BoD
Michaël Trabbia
CEO Orange

Orange, bringing simplicity and peace of mind to the Belgian consumer

In 2018, Orange Belgium moved forward boldly, solidifying its challenger position and achieving a number of firsts on the Belgian market.

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Key figures 2018

100 %
Coverage of mobile Internet of Things network
Orange Thank You gifts
1,226 mio
Total Revenues
Love convergence customers
Mobile postpaid customers
280 mio
Adjusted EBITDA
1,114,000 IoT/M2M
SIM cards
3.2  GB
Monthly average mobile data usage end 2018
+116  %
Total mobile data traffic
100 %
4G coverage
79 %
4G smartphone penetration


Market situation

From bold challenger
to bold disruptor on mobile on the Belgian market

Listening carefully to what is essential to the customer, Orange launched the first fully unlimited offer in Belgium — including the first fully unlimited convergent offer, the Love Unlimited proposition. It is clear that Orange Belgium disrupted the Belgian mobile market in 2018.

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Our strategy

4 Strategic Priorities for Providing Unmatched Customer Experience

2018 was a bold year for Orange Belgium — starting with boldly simplifying products and services, improving market share in all businesses, and providing unlimited data and voice.

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Boost convergence to sustain mobile value
Claim our mobile only champion stance
Provide (digital) communication and collaboration services to each Belgian company
Achieve digital and cultural transformation
Materialize unmatched Customer experience

Our Solution for Individuals

Listening to customers
and responding boldly to their needs

2018 was a year of consistently adhering to Orange Belgium’s residential market claim, standing strong and undistracted by the competition. The company simplified procedures and services, while launching new offers and enhancing existing products by adding peace of mind.

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Our Business Solutions

A year of building presence and growth

2018 was a year of notable growth for Orange Belgium in the business sector. Thanks largely to the ongoing digital transformation of the company’s business processes − making its B2B interactions more agile and efficient − Orange booked its best business results in 7 years.

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Our network

Orange network makes Unlimited possible

In 2018, Orange Belgium’s network team followed the company’s bold challenger positioning with the goal of achieving industry-leading growth in both the residential and the business markets. All the while, maintaining a full end-to-end customer experience at the highest level.

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Our teams

Simplifying, collaborating, and working more boldly

In 2018, the HR team helped embed the 6 Principles of Action framework more solidly within the culture and launched ways to have leaders and team members work together on solving workplace challenges. The result: a bolder Orange workforce.

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Rolling out digital innovations and
preparing the future

Focusing on practical innovation to serve essential customer needs, in 2018 Orange Belgium nourished the Orange Fab network with innovative scale-ups and implemented the itsme® app, the secure digital ID developed by the Belgian Mobile ID consortium.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation powers bold initiatives

Orange Belgium is transforming itself rapidly from a ‘traditional telco’ into an agile, innovative digital operator. In 2018, Orange accelerated its digital transformation efforts, whose aim is to install state-of-the-art digital solutions throughout the company.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Orange Belgium takes pride in acting responsibly and sustainably for the benefit of Belgian society.

In 2018, the company’s efforts continued 
to focus on responsible products and services, social inclusion, and limiting impact on the environment.

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Orange Luxembourg − bold touches accentuate market leadership

2018 was another good year for Orange Luxembourg, as the company continued its upward path in the marketplace.

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Shareholders and financial results

Atlas Services Belgium
Free float
Schroders Investment Management
Boussard & Gavaudan Asset Management
1.03  billion €


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Orange Belgium