A CSR-tamp in all of our activities

Our Corporate Responsibility is engaged every day, in all our activities

Orange is one of Belgium’s leading companies when it comes to the practice of corporate social responsibility. Its exercise of this responsibility is shaped entirely by the company’s ongoing dialogue with its various stakeholders, be they civil society, the public authorities, business partners, etc.

1. Staff Well-being and Communication

We implement a series of tools along with information and consultation procedures for employees to better understand the company's strategy. For several years, staff members have been specifically trained to act as trusted people, listening to employees for potential problems and playing a mediating role.

We also make sure to create a working environment which fosters a healthy work/life balance. There are regular initiatives to encourage mental and physical well-being, including: lunchtime sports classes, the provision of free fruit, help with the cost of smoking cessation treatment, flu vaccinations, etc.

2. Responsible products and services

What has emerged from our dialogue with stakeholders is that one of Orange’s primary responsibilities, as a key player in developing the local economy, is to guarantee its customers an impeccable service, which means supplying high-quality, reliable and trustworthy goods and services. It also means we must constantly remain vigilant to data protection and child protection issues in relation to certain content. To this end, we have provided technical solutions for parents and the main Orange website now contains a mini information site.

3. A commitment to innovation

It is also our responsibility to stimulate innovation and the emergence of promising new technologies generating social progress. Today, innovation is increasingly open, bringing together players of different sizes and backgrounds. In this context, Orange supports the Co.Station start-up ecosystem in the heart of Brussels, of which we are shareholder.

4. A CO2-neutral company

After having decreased its CO2 emissions by 75 % since 2006, Orange compensates for incompressible emissions from its operating activities. The buildings, network and Orange stores today are neutral in terms of CO2 emissions. Specifically, when customers use the various Orange services they are certain not to release any CO2 through their use.

The domains covered by CO2 neutrality are electricity, gas, fuel, paper, waste, business trips by plane and by train, as well as refrigerants in air conditioning systems.

In collaboration with the independent bureau CO2Logic, Orange calculates and reduces its CO2 footprint and then compensates for its incompressible CO2 emissions by contributing to a project supplying domestic ovens in Uganda. The objective of this project is to decrease CO2 emissions, but also improve living conditions for local populations.