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A strategy of partnerships

To increase its mobile telephony market share, Orange decided to conclude partnership agreements with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO´s) and other players interested in launching themselves in mobile telephony.

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Orange also offers possibility of partnerships for Roaming, Mobile Payment/Operator Billing, SMS Premium and interconnect.

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Our partners

Partnership with Transatel

In November 2007, Orange also concluded a partnership agreement with the French company Transatel. The Transatel target groups are mainly international audiences that generate a lot of cross-border traffic. Transatel delivers both mobile telephony services and MVNE support (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler), allowing MVNO´s to launch their own activities as a mobile operator.

Partnership with Tellink

On June 7, 2010, Tellink and Orange announced their MVNO contract. Tellink is a Belgian company located in Antwerp supplying telecommunication services to companies active in the SME segment. Tellink uses our roaming agreements to offer unique Traveller services that enable customers to call cheaper from abroad. Tellink has prepaid and post-paid tariffs.

Partnership with Galaxy

Since 2013, Orange launched a new MVNO agreement with Galaxy Mobile Solutions, a dutch company which extended its activities to Belgium. They are aiming at providing tailor-made solutions for SME customers and independents. The MVNO agreement with Galaxy has room for further growth.