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29 Sep 2023 14:01

Orange Belgium signs partnership with cyan AG and SAM to launch a 360° mobile network security solution

Living up to its customer experience excellence, Orange Belgium is partnering up with leading IT security company cyan AG to launch a cybersecurity solution for mobile network and end-point...

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28 Sep 2023 09:01

Orange Belgium’s next proofpoint in Customer Experience Excellence: a competitive home internet subscription for hey! customers

Two years after the successful launch, the innovative and digital brand hey! adds a fixed internet service next to its mobile offer. This new service offers competitive pricing, efficient digital...

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26 Sep 2023 09:34

Orange Belgium shakes up fixed internet and launches its new gigabit speed Fiber[1] offers

Orange Belgium is revamping its fixed internet solutions. To meet the ever-growing demand for faster and reliable internet connectivity, the operator launches a new comprehensive Fiber[1] internet-...

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22 Sep 2023 09:47

Orange Belgium selects start-ups Builtwins, Shayp and Trigrr for the 6th edition of Orange Fab, dedicated to Smart City

Yesterday, at BeCentral in Brussels, was the 6th edition of the Orange Fab start-up Accelerator Program. After a thorough preselection and pitch process, Builtwins, Shayp and Trigrr have been chosen...

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12 Sep 2023 07:46

Flemish Government appoints Orange Belgium as trusted partner for Mobile connectivity and Internet of Things services for the next 5 years, extendable to 7 years

Orange Belgium has been selected by the Flemish Government (Vlaamse Overheid) as trusted partner for Mobile connectivity and Internet of Things services for the next five years, extendable to seven...

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22 Aug 2023 15:58

Notice regarding the merger of a subsidiary, simplified (upstream) merger

In order to streamline the group corporate footprint and to improve efficiency the boards of directors of Orange Belgium and A3COM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Orange Belgium, have resolved to merge...

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04 Aug 2023 11:15

To meet its customer experience excellence ambition, Orange Belgium’s digital b-brand hey! creates even more value for its customers by doubling its mobile data

In the light of Orange Belgium’s "Lead the Future" strategy, defined by a Customer Experience Excellence in different complementary retail segments, the telecom operator continues to develop and...

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31 Jul 2023 15:29

Orange Belgium continues to pave the way for 5G

In a bid to boost 5G use in Belgium and cover more and more of the population with 5G technology in 2023 and almost the entirety by 2025, Orange Belgium is steadily paving the way, providing new...

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25 Jul 2023 15:14

Orange Belgium welcomes a new mobile virtual network operator: UNDO

Orange Belgium and UNDO announce today that they have reached an agreement allowing UNDO’s future customers to use Orange Belgium’s leading 4G and 5G gigabit mobile network.  Orange Belgium is proud...

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20 Jul 2023 06:53

Sustained financial and commercial performance in H1 2023

Financial information for the first semester 2023     Sustained financial and commercial performance   Mobile postpaid customer base (excl. VOO) +2.7% yoy Cable customer base (excl. VOO) +...

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