28/05/24 15:49

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Notice regarding the absorption of a subsidiary (simplified « upstream » merger)

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Following the entry of Nethys into the capital of Orange Belgium approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting of May 2, 2024, VOO Holding, a subsidiary previously owned 75% - 1 share by Orange Belgium and 25% + 1 share by Nethys, and owning the operator VOO, is now 100% owned by Orange Belgium.

From this point forward, VOO Holding may be the subject of an operation treated as a merger by absorption (“simplified merger”). The planned merger should streamline the Group's organizational structure, improve efficiency, and simplify governance.

Orange Belgium offers the possibility to consult, download and print from the website documents and information referred to in article 12:51, §2 of the Code of companies and associations through the following link: https://corporate.orange.be/sites/default/files/OBE- VOOH website_0.zip