22/02/22 14:18

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And the Voted telecom Product of the Year 2022 is…

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Just a few months after its launch, Orange Belgium’s 100% digital brand hey! already receives a significant recognition, as its most abundant offer – 25€ for unlimited calls/SMS and 40GB of data – is Voted Product of the Year 2022.

  • hey!’s offer scored high on every category: Attractiveness, Perceived Innovation and Purchase Intent
  • On the Satisfaction after testing the offer, hey! reached a 7.7/10 score
  • The panel includes more than 10.000 customers

In September 2021, Orange Belgium unveiled its new, 100% digital brand, hey!, specially designed to meet the needs of ultra-connected customers and based on 4 pillars: 100% digital, low impact, generous and evolutive. The brand directly found its audience, proving there was a clear appetite for such simple, straightforward and environment-friendly offers, as hey! is CO2 neutral for its operations, fully digital and provides recycled plastic SIM-cards.

The strength of hey!’s value proposition has now received an important recognition, as it is Voted Product of the Year 2022. An important milestone, as it was awarded by the public itself.

The consumers had to rate the presented products on three major criteria: Attractiveness, Perceived Innovation and Purchase Intent and this first analysis is then completed by a testing phase with a sample of customers, who then give a score on their satisfaction.

hey! Boost: 80GB for 25 euros after 1 year 

Important to note: this label was obtained with the offers available in Q4 2021, and a significant change has been introduced in the meantime: the Boost. This Boost rewards customers for their loyalty by increasing their data volume by 25% each trimester, up until doubling it. A customer enjoying hey!’s most abundant tariff plan will, for instance, reach 80GB of data after one year for the same price, a completely unseen offer on the Belgian market.

Katia Van Eecke, Director Operations Support for Voted Product Of the Year Worldwide: "The hey! offer was clearly voted by consumers as the most innovative and responsive to their needs. This was objectively demonstrated both through the NielsenIQ study and the real-life testing of the treetz application. The contest, based exclusively on the voice of the consumers, reveals that they were convinced by the very competitive price of the hey! offer and the abundance of data it provides. The use of the Product of the Year logo in 2022 will certainly help this new brand to attract and convince new customers as it offers recognition of consumer satisfaction with the service offered.”

Christophe Dujardin, Chief Consumer Officer of Orange Belgium: “Receiving such a recognition only months after our launch is an excellent proof hey! was the perfect fit to answer the needs of a portion of the Belgian market and a sign that our more segmented approach, with a focus on students and youngsters for hey!, is fully relevant. And it’s only the beginning, as we’re introducing new features to always anticipate our customers’ demands and co-innovate with them on the development of the brand.”

More information on https://www.poybelgium.com/