Change – also in terms of company culture

The adoption of the Orange brand was not merely a commercial operation, it was also an opportunity to help corporate culture to evolve, along with the staff, by going back to basics. Consequently, employee satisfaction levels have increased.

A Renewed Sense of Belonging

2016 will go down in history as an exceptional year for Orange Belgium’s 1446 employees. The Mobistar page was turned respectfully – a modest in-house museum chronicles the best moments in this Belgian success story – but without exaggerated nostalgia. The change was adopted swiftly, both operationally and in terms of business culture. This new élan has also made staff more proud to work for a company now active on the FMC market, with the backing of a leading multinational group.

The move to Orange goes hand-in-hand with a mission to go back to basics and look at what makes people want to work for a company, starting with the implementation of 6 action principles (see below) that replaced the ‘values’, which were also affected by the new corporate identity.

The Principles of Actions help the team members to live the Orange promise


These changes, specifically the formation of teams under the Orange brand and its numerous repercussions, were not imposed by management (top-down) but were implemented together with the staff through a process of co-creation. Some 120 people volunteered to be involved in this transition process, which involved training, gamification and reporting processes. Of this group, 20 people were chosen to become ambassadors for these Action Principles, which will create durable guidelines that go way beyond a simple name change.

39 years

the average age of Orange Belgium employees

Streamlined Staff Training

This back to basics mission also applies to training. The revision of staff training programmes started in 2016 and this process will be intensified in 2017 in order to meet the competency needs that staff and management themselves have formulated. The aim is to implement a more mentoring-based approach, which encourages staff to play a more active role in their professional development. The traditional group-based training format will still exist, but greater emphasis will be placed on digital training (e.g. e-learning and information-sharing via the company intranet) as well as peer-to-peer training. Reverse mentoring, whereby younger staff train more senior staff, is actively encouraged.


Internal satisfaction levels have been increasing

A Digital and Human Employer

Beginning in 2017, Orange Belgium will be working towards its Essentials2020 vision, shared across the group: working for Orange brings the promise of a unique, digital and human experience, on a par with the experience the company aims to give its customers. Technology will be at the heart of the processes of interaction, in the form of digital tools used to enhance a collective agility that hinges on the contributions of every staff member.

Action will be taken to put these promises into practice, whether this be the signing of agreements or charters, the implementation of new tools, changing working practices, improving the work environment or adopting more cooperative ways of working.

The Human Resources Department will be a driving force in promoting the digitisation of internal processes by offering more administrative processes on a "self-service" basis. These new initiatives will be intensively promoted across the company to motivate staff to adopt the new working methods with the aim of boosting efficiency and flexibility.

A Major Recruitment Campaign for Orange Internet & TV

In terms of human resources, Orange’s entry onto the fixed-mobile convergence market also entailed a major recruitment and training drive. Staff numbers remain stable overall, with old positions evolving into new jobs.


Over the last few years, Orange Belgium has been implementing a psychosocial risk prevention plan. It is updated and improved each year. The company has various initiatives aimed at improving well-being at work and combating stress, including stress management coaching, sports classes, advice on sleep and nutrition, etc.