Orange for everyone

Persons with a disability or reduced income

Nowadays, a social life has become unimaginable without the right communication tools. At Orange, we leave no one behind. We are determined to offer our services to everyone. Regardless of your economic or physical situation, we have a solution for you:

  • Find out more about the social tariff here
  • our adapted smartphones:
    • touchscreen, zoom function and large keys
    • video calls and voice control
    • hearing aid compatibility
    • possibility to adjust the size of the text, the contrast and the brightness of the screen
  • discover the advantages per system:
  • stores and services that are accessible to everyone
  • a list of useful numbers:
    • medical emergency and fire: 100 or 112
    • police : 101 or 112
    • civil protection: 112
    • Red Cross: 105
    • Card Stop: 070 344 344 (in case of loss or theft of your credit card)
    • Poison control centre: 070 245 245
    • Suicide prevention helpline: 0800 32 123
    • child abuse helpline: 103
    • Helpline: 107
    • Child Focus : 116 000
  • good to know:
    • calls to 100 – 101 – 103 – 107 – 110 – 112 and 0800 are free
    • The 112 emergency services can also be reached via the 112 BE app. For more info:
    • Attention: for the deaf people, hearing-impaired and people with a speech impediment, the emergency services can also be reached by means of the 112 BE app and by SMS. Both the 112 BE app and the SMS service are only available in Belgium. For more info:

BeCode: developing the web developer profession

Orange is proud to be an active partner and founding member of BeCode. Developers don’t grow on trees in Belgium and that is why in 2016 three Belgian entrepreneurs decided to found a dedicated school for developers: BeCode. This project is a concrete result of our ambition to foster digital inclusion. Until this goal is achieved we will continue to spare no effort to support BeCode in this training project.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is totally into technology and wants to become one of Belgium’s great web developers.

Graduate in 7 months

With the help of BeCode, beginners become junior web developers in just 7 months. They then follow an internship at a company like Orange to sharpen their skills. Every year, hundreds of web developers leave the BeCode program with valuable skills and a diploma.